how high is your mining lvl.

i love making polls

tell me about your polls :smiley:

Above 60… and this is a pointless topic/poll - sorry to burst your bubble

i don’t care if it is pointless i just like making polls

62… u should have an above 60 option

Then at least re-arange your options, most people probably have a level of over 60. Make it go up to 99 then it’ll work.

this was my first poll on this site so i didn’t really get it but i’m repairing it

Moved to Runescape section.

Mine is 60+.

Shfifty Five…Great flash movie!

mines 60 just so i cud b in guild

Mine is 61…

Mines 63 and my goal is 70, which is gonna probably take me like 5 years considering I get bored easily with mining now a days…

try this for poll options:

Under 30
30 to 50
51 to 60
61 to 70
70 to 80

It just makes more sense than 60+ … then 99

mines 69…can almost mine addy :slight_smile:

Lol Mine is probably the worst mine is only 54.

72, w00t w00t as they might say.

Mine’s onlu 42. I don’t work on it much.

65 mining 8) but my smithing is verry low :frowning:

61 and up.

mine isn’t very high but i try

52 not far from 53 , rune pickaxe :slight_smile: