How i do manips. In fireworks!

original image:

well if the pic in yer sig is the end result, i can’t wait to see how you did it! it looks stunning!

Nice tut Frenchy :), evryones making photomanip tuts now :yummy:
But i think it looks bad with transperacy… Text is hard to read :frowning:

EDIT: Oh, i see u changed to jpg… nice :slight_smile:

right its up now :smiley: i hope i covered everything :confused:

Try changing to PNG :slight_smile:

OffTopic: Fr3nchy… I think u should put it up at Chaotic aswell :), in the photomanip section.
It’d be nice to have a manip tut up ther :wink:

sure, il go do that now :smiley:

very nice! very well written and i like the cross hatch pattern under the text! 9/10 since nothing is perfect!

o0o0o0o0 thankyou :smiley:

Yer i agree with Sr. Nos… 9/10! Nothing is perfect as Kupiton says…
the crosslines r cool, and the sig is even more cool :wink:

Just made this-