How long have u been a member for?

How long Have YOU been a member, and what lvl r u?

ive been a member for 6 days, i joined when i was lvl 61 and am now lvl 68 0_0’

yeah so…

i just saying… 8O and ive answered everything… what are u getting mad about…

ive been a member for about 5 weeks and im level 76

I’ve probably been a member for about 8 months and I’m level 90.

ive been a member for 2days and im level 72 almost 73

I have been a member for 4 months now and i’m nearlly reaching combat 80.

Ive been a member for about 1 year and 2 weeks.

im lvl 90, and all my players are members…+ i been a member for more than a year lol, i been a member since like lvl 14 odd.

I am lvl 78 and I have been a member 2 months now.

i have been a memeber for like 2 weeks maybe 3 and i was combat 5 and now am combat 25


WOW DUDE YOU JOINED AT LVL 5!!! any way i have been a member for 2 weeks when i joined i was level 43 now i am 51!!! :lol:

a year, and lvl 91

a month, gained 123 levels, lvl 69 combat, gained 6 combat lvls.

ive been a member since august and im level 84

I have been a member now for about 2 months and I joined at lvl 43 and am now 48. LOL, I havent been playing much.

almost a month and i was a member like 2 months ago for an entire month so a month and a half

4 months since i started playing…
3 months being a member…

currently, i have 1307 total skills, and level 91 combat…

(stats also in my sig)