how many people have you killed

how many members have you killed and wat did you get from them

you have doulbe posted so this topic should be locked and deleted!

did on acsedent i didint see it so i tryed it again sry

i killed 2 and got mith arrmor and 2k

0 on my main who has 72 ranged lol dragons are better to kill.

Hey Demon, I catch you breakin Rule 18 again and your warned

And for you, please try not to double post… This is your Freeby

Dude, what are you talking about. He didnt double post when you first wrote this. Anyway, Ive never killed anyone on account that I normally avoid the wildy.

Sorry demon, I see what you mean.

i killed 3 people didnt get nothing good

I dont members pk, but in free world i got full rune, awesome hey! 8)

cool, i would of got full rune if a archer didnt kill me

i dont go in the wild :oops:

um… cant reamber…
about 8… full rune frist, then northing (lol) fulll black dragon and ammy of glory…and some bows etc…

cant reamber…

i killed about 3 or 4 people

i’ve killed about 50 people and about 15-20 rune kills. I love killing miners :twisted:

In one day on my addy pure (which i dont have any more) I pked about 12 people in about 30 minutes. 8 had full rune with r2h or baxe and kite. And the other 4 had full addy with r2h. This was on rs1

Oh, sorry demon, I see now what you are talking about.