How not to get hacked

A lot of my friends have been hacked lately because they don’t listen to me and get ad-aware, so here is the anti-hack guide.

If a popup comes up offering a game, never download. It is a trojan horse that wipes your hard drive and sends your information to the hacker once the program is ran.

Download Adaware version 6.0 at or This program blocks spyware like claria and alexa that steals credit card numbers and passwords. It also blocks tracking cookies that make you lag.

Don’t play in public areas like the school library because someone might have installed a key logger which would allow them to see your screen name and password in a few seconds of typing. Demonspitfir also said that some sites can make direct connections with your PC and hack you if you are logged in to rs while surfing.

Runescape is secure, but their banner adds are not. Many can and will give you spyware once clicked. I clicked one on accident and got an aweful case of Claria causing me to lose my best newb to a hacker.

Remember nothing in life is free. If someone is offering to AIM you and then give you a dragon item report them. AIM direct connections make you a target for hacking, so don’t connect with people you don’t know.

According to XGod-ChaserX, surpasses Norton in virus detection. Many thanks.
Play safe and have an awesome time not getting hacked.
If you have other tips, post them and I will add them and mention your name. Help keep rs fun and safe.
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dont double post

know how to type ur username and pass realy quick in a public area so
people can’t follow ur fingers

Also the advice Runescape itself gives you lots to think of. Like I lost my 2nd character after a series of letting my friends help me get him better lvls. I actually managed to get him back. But anyway its not fun.

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firewalls arent that great they may stop you from being able to use say… halo or sumthin… but get spybot S&D (google) and its spyware killer… is the best free virus scanner better then norton. its AVG to delete any trojans you may have

Don’t make your security questions obvious answers and mix up letters and numbers in your password…

i dont see double post so dont say it

also another tip… dont go anywhere while playing runescape… unless you can trust the site… sometimes being logged in and clicking on an add or going to a site you may not trust can give hackers easy access to the account your logged in as… change your recov questions often don’t let them stay too long or some one will hack to find them out for many hackers use a public place with inernet access to hack and then they leave to cover their ip so they dont feel they get caught… For your ip is a direct link to the internet plugin you are at. inorder to stop hackers runescape needs to catch them quick anyone you see using an autotyper or jumping around in the runescape world maybe a few block’s here and their… report them. also report all scammers for they use a program that changes cash ammounts often also dont scam yourself or do anything against runescapes rules for you can be charged with an internet crime if you are caught hacking. i only recommend hacking to stop viruses that may appear on your computer. or if you know a websites full of them you can hack into that to clear them but anyone catches you and your spending time in the slammer for a crime that seems unfair punishment… but it’s better to stop people who hack now so that they can’t get better and hack into bank account’s and such stuff. if you are a hacker try talking to the police in your local area ask them if there was any way you could be of service in like browsing the internet for hackers and finding hackers ip’s. but ask them only if your sure you wanna help because if you walk out they will keep an eye on you… so thats what i have to say about hacking and things but heed my word run away to hack the safe way… lol dont hack malicously…Rest assured i am not a hacker for if i was i wouldn’t be here helping people out i would be keeping an eye on runescape helping them out…