how old are you ppl?

maybe there was this kind of topic,i dont know,i just wanna kbnow how old is every 1
Im turninig 16 on january 27th :smiley:

15, suck it :twisted:

im 16 and soul quit spamming cause ur really annoying

i try to be… :twisted:

Im 13!

im 12…

Then go annoy somewhere else. Or better yet, not at all.

I’m 15, almost 16.

im 14, gonna be 15 next month

un4givn, let him. its his ban

wll almost 18 i have no life… well i would if it wsnt so fun talking to you guys :twisted:

I am 16, and soul, if you do anything else I find annoying and stupid like that, I will give you more warnings.


ya know i know that people can be very annoying and just plain stupid and no offense but there are other places to go if there that annoying. just simple reasoning for the simple brain.

lol i am 9 y old and got lvl 59 guy i must be good

16 :slight_smile:

Im 15.

Im 23, turning 24 in a few weeks. Unless I am mistaken, I am the oldest on RSR not too far ahead of Teargod.

I’m 14, turning 15 in exactly 19 days.

apparently you dont like us very much Mr. 95 posts…

12 turning 13 in 5 more months