how people get soooo many items?

i have already seen pplz posting about but like many k´s of something,that would take ages for u get and would be very boring,but then another guy posts like:ah ok i will sell u many k´s of thing thing

so i am asking you

thats all :roll:

Mine coal, and K u meen thousand. And u must remember soem ppl have ben playign since it first came out. ( and soem ppl dont have lives)

some ppl cut yews and sell em for about 250gp each or fletch em then alch, there are many ways ppl get stuff.

Do us all a favour - kindly unplug your keyboard and hang yourself with the cord.

Do us all a favour - kindly unplug your keyboard and hang yourself with the cord.

That was pretty harsh but yeah to answer Munfred’s question… People just work hard to make a lot of money as fast as they can before trying to buy or sell stuff… It may seem almost impossible when you hear it in words comparing the amount of money or items being sold or bought to the time it took them to achieve the items/money but when you acutally get started on it and get the stuff to sell or buy, you’ll pretty much think “Man, that acutally didn’t take me as long as I thought it would…” Sorry if my reply didn’t answer your question…

They save up. Like everyone should do in real life. They have patience and quite alot of time on their hands. One thing many can’t get right is the ‘patience’ bit :? .

We go and work instead of going around begging for cabbage

hmm… you mine and smith. And like azgolar said you save up. oh, and ravvi, that’s not a good thing to say when you’re new to the forums.

To answer your question:

Many people who sell things in bulk (into the many thousands) firstly save up and heres the clever part - nearly all of them are high level players in thier field. Meaning because thier lvl is high they can get the stuff quickly.
Like a newb takes ages to mine tin and experienced player take less dan a second.

@Ravvi-bad start