how rich is andrew gower

look at #10


Sweet! Nice find.


wow he’s as rich as a prince!

LOL…Michael Owen is getting payed more then Henry… :S

Wow, Awesome find knight…His net worth is the same as prince William

Lol nice, I didn’T know that David Beckham win 87m.

ya, and he doesn’t do BS for RS anymore either.

Holy monkeys, rich noobs -.-

wow beckham is 87 million
sorry for noob question who is andrew gower

omg!!! nice find!!!

hes getting rich of little kids paying 5 bucks a month =P…

wow 32m value

next year they plan on having roughly 50m worth… and if that were in american dollars wouldnt it be about 45m usd?

^^ i wubbles j00 scythe :slight_smile:


it should be about 55-60 usd, because pounds are worth more than usd

EDIT: alot more atually, 50m=89.1m usd

it is sumin like 1,25 usd to the pound i think not 100% shore tho sumin like that

^^ i got 91,840,000 usd 0.0

1 euro (frank or whatever its called) = 2.87 usd

Cor, thats rich :smiley:

Oh and theknight, its as much as Prince William AND Harry :smiley:

wow good find

how much it 32 million euroes in american money

^^ read above…

91,840,000 usd 0.0