How smart ARE you?

Think U r Clever ?

Below are 4 questions. Answer them instantly. You can’t take your time.
Answer them immediately. No pencil or paper! OK?

Let’s find out just how smart and clever you really are.

Ready? …

FIRST QUESTION: You are participating in a race.
You overtake the second person.
What position are you in?

SECOND QUESTION: If you overtake the last person, then you are…?

THIRD QUESTION: Very tricky math! Note: This must be
done in your head only. Do NOT use paper and pencil or
a calculator. Try it.

Take 1000 and add 40 to it.
Now add another 1000.
Now add 30.
Add another 1000.
Now add 20.
Now add another 1000.
Now add 10.

LAST QUESTION: Mary’s father has five daughters:
What is the name of the fifth daughter?

i wonder who can do it without the search engines :wink:

ill be giving out answers after a while…


Second to last


Mary :smiley:

~ ewok

1: your in 2nd and now hes in 3rd
2: two answers - first is that youve just overlaped the slow kid, 2nd is your 2nd to last
3rd where is the math question
4th: Nunu they name each daughter with a N and a vowel

2-Second to last
3-Uhh what?
LOL I just did those off the top of my head… I really don’t get the whole point of this though…


  1. Second.
  2. Second to last.
  3. …?
  4. … Edit… Mary…

Lmfao, just realised I got number 1 wrong…

~ ewok

a haha i got number 4 wrong xD i feel dumb

OMFG :censored: I just realized I got that wrong too! Oh boy… No wonder I’m still in third grade… LOL jus’ playin’


Heheh. You got number four wrong too Malibu. =P

… I got 4 wrong though. Said “Nunu.”

Rrgh hey I wasn’t paying that much attention to the questions, and after all y2k10000 said answer 'em instantly… So I did lol


second to last
no clue
mary (that was an easy one)

well well we all know that u are stupid! lol jk :smiley:

Lol :p, I was the first to get number 4 right, then everyone copied me :frowning:

~ ewok

2)second to last
3)ummm…ok i did it…i guess
4)Nunu (A, E, I, O, and U!)

Ahem Nunu is incorrect for some reason… You shoulda looked at the other posts stupid :stuck_out_tongue: Lol jk… I still don’t get how it was MARY… Gosh!

  1. Second

  2. Second to last

  3. I did.

  4. Mary

Mary’s Father…had 5 daughters…

~ ewok

o sry didnt read any other posts incase ppl think i just took their answers…#4 is Mary? Wdf?

OMG thats retarded! how didnt i get that…

lol chaos…try reading the first part, (marys) father. lol