How to end overpopulation

They shud make rune condoms that say “Help prevent more newbs, if you dont use the glove u don’t get the love” when examined. Hmm where would u wield it lol.

rotflmaopmptid thast funny…nut how much would they range from?

but what about the women…

Hmm. Though it’s funny, it’s about the most pointless idea that i’ve ever heard. Frist of all, it’s a sick idea, seeing as how this game is targeted to a younger audience. It would be extremely sick if Runescape started encouraging people to “use the glove” as you so kindly stated it. Though “the glove” is safer than unprotected, I’m disgusted that you would even think of something like this, and beyond that, the fact that you posted it is uncalled for if you ask me.
Just my thoughts though… think what you want :slight_smile:

I completely agree and the thing I hate most is that everyone is always complaining about noobs and yet everyone was a noob at one point.

rune…? Cost tooo much, people would go for free loving.

i think they should have a worlds that every body could go in, worlds where people level 50+ could go and worlds where people level 49- or maybe skill totals beacause any body could train only cmbat and be a noob :roll:

This has already been debated and is considered segregation. This topic is innapropiate but funny, but I must lock it.