HOW TO MAKE LAODS OF MONEY! making guide ( detailed)

Hello guys, i think this is my second post on this topic, but this one if better :slight_smile: ill start of with how to get 50k and etc and then get to how to make millions!!! Basically this guide just contains diferent ways of making money. lets start with a lvl 3 character.


First off, u will need 30 gp to go to karamja island. for a lvl 3 who has just started the game, he can just sell all his stuff in the local shop. After getting the 30 gp, go to karamja and work for the man next to the bar. He gives u 30 gp for collecting bananas for him. Make a few hundreds and buy the lobbies in the local shops. If there are none then change world. The lobbies will be about 50 gp re something. Buy as many as u can and then sell the lobbies to people or on forums for something like 100 gp or 150 ea! Another place u could sell the lobbies r in the dungeun next to the lessers, there is a place where the rangers and the mages stand, u could go here and sell lobbies, but this is very dangerous for low lvls like lvl 3s. Anyways…thats like 50 gp prof per lob, keep on doin this until u get 10k or something. After getting 10k or whatever, buy lobbies for cheap prices from people in more quantities for like 100 ea or something and then sell em for 150 ea to others. |If u keep doin this u wll get like 50k eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


To make millions u will need atleast 100k. this is kinda easy but u have to be really patient. Still… with ur 100k buy rune kites for 45k each in world and then sell em l8er on in a diff world for something like 55k each or 50k ( ur choice). this way u will make like 5k or 10k prof. When u have something like 500k start buying yews for 200-220 ea. after buyign like 1k yews atleast, ull sometimes get people buying yews for 250 ea. sell em and keep doin this. ull become a millionaire in no time…


Here are some obvious ways to make money:

  1. Buy rune scimmies like 20-25k ea and then sell for 30k each.
  2. Buy willows for 20-25each and then sell em for 30-45 each to members.
  3. Buy air runes from people or shops for cheap and then sell em for more.
  4. buy holiday drop items in world 1 for 100k cheaper then there price and then sell them in world 2 or world 1 for a higher price to make a profit.

guys i hope this is helpfull. some of the stuff is a bit obvious but still, u never know someone who doesnt know might read it! :slight_smile:

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It’s simple merchanting, but I suppose it would be good for people who are new to the trade.

Yeah it would be good for those people, like -Sturaiku- said… That is a good idea though… I have never tried merchanting myself, so I’ll give it a go.

I find Merchanting hard to master sometimes, But Thanks for the guide anyway.

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nice guide but it is confusing
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And the guides outdated… Good luck buying a holidat drop at 100k.

how you get all that stuff like folower of zamrok and rs player for ur signiture.
please tell.?

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It’s not outdated… Look at this:

… It says buy the holiday rare for 100k less than it’s original price… Like buy a Santa for 1.5mil, but sell for 1.6mil or something like that lol

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u guys gtta try its $5.50 but very very useful!

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However there is some interesting hints 4 wud be marketers

dude it took me like 30 minutes to write all that, thats quite detailed for me. lol

A better way for a noob to make money is to raise his wc on normal log trees, bank them, and sell them for 100ea when he gets 1k+ normals.