how to post music

How do I post music? Like, for example, I wanna post a song I can play on my guitar to be rated, but I dont know how to get it here. I dont even know how to put it on my computer!

Please help!

You would have to get a free hosting site for music, Try searching in google for “free music host sites” or something like that. I am looking forward to hearing your song, what type of music do you play?

I play all music (except country shudder) but Im gonna post a rock song, or aybe a soft accoustic song

Awesome I am into all the music, except rap and country twitch. I play drumset, and am trying to get a band together, I have a temporary one right now for a talent show, maybe I will post one of our songs… Anywho…I am intrested in hearing your music, post it hear when you get the chance.