I was wondering how and if I can play runescape classic

Just scroll to the very bottom to pick RSC though all of your items should have already been transferred over if you didn’t respond to Jagex transferring your items so yeah… Sorry if that didn’t help or didn’t make sense…

runescape classic has funky graphics and nothing like runescape 2

it fun tho

ok I think I will give it a try

Yeah, the graphics are very strange, 2-d. But you probably don’t have to worry about over-crowding.

LOL, I highly doubt theres more than 50 ppl playing at a time. I tried it but didnt really like it.

??? It’s like you guys have never played RSC… Unless they changed the graphics recently or something… But RSC had it’s good days (Those were the good ol days…)… I kinda miss some aspects of it…