Howw do i do that?

People always show pictures of armor that are weird colors, i no its fake but how do i do that?

first take a screenshot, to do this press print screen when you have your rs character where you want it, then open paint, press edit, then paste, then edit it like you want, and save it, then go to press browse and pick that file you just made, copy and paste the third link it gives you into a post here on realm

were do i press print screen?

its on your keyboard

ok? were

i see

above and a bit to the left of the right number keypad

i pressed it and it didnt do anything?

now go to paint and press edit then paste (and please stop spamming)

2 questions, im not scamming i dont no how and were is print

were is paint?

you just said you saw it…read my post above i told you where print screen was

not print i meant paint, srry, also thanks for helping me

press start (at the bottom left hand part of your screen) then go to all programs, then accessories, then paint

He never said you were scamming he said spamming. :mrgreen:

pretty cool!

off topic it should be under help category just saying