HP exp. how does that work?

I know how the attack, strength, and, defence exp can be gained, but I was wondering how does the Hit point exp. works and how I can level up faster on it. Can anyone tell me?

P.S. I also need few tips on how to increase magic defence.

i think u get 4 exp pr hit i.e if u hit a 10 u get 10x4=40 hp exp

Thanks for your tip and I also want to know how to get my magic defence high, I noticed that my magic defence is -11.

you get hp exp if the opponent hits zeros at you

to raise ur magic def don’t wear metal armor ex: rune - adamant - black - steel - iron - bronze, u can raise it buy wearing nonmetal like robes, ranging gear ex:dragon hide - leather
there ya go

well, there is no real ez way 2 get ur hp lvl up. if u wana keep a smaller combat lvl i would suggest ranging or magic. those r prob the best way 2 get up hp.

That is false. I think you get like 2.5 xp towards hp for every 1 damage is hit on you. You get 4 xp for every 1 damage hit on you towards attack, strength, and defense.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

you get 1.33 exp for hp for every 1 damage you do to something…and 4 exp for every 1 damage you do to something…i dont think there is a fast way to gain hp…i guess just train every single one of your skills that has to do with combat…ea. magic, ranging and melee…

I personally agree more with worker0201 than Infil, I think the HP exp given to you, If you hit a 1, is around 1.33 exp, and to raise your magic defence? If you’re a member, wear full Mystic Robes, and wear an Elemental Shield…

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To rais magic defence, were robes and wizard suits. dont wear armour and leather :wink:

And where I can buy wizard’s robes (I know where to buy the hat)