html code?

Can some1 tell me wut html code is?
i can undrstand BBCode but… :cry:

and plz dont ask me why i dont kno
i just need 2 kno!

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its the code used to make websites, the most basic code of all…

ehhhh buzzer wrong…c’mon now you gotta know the most basic code of all…its binary…but in web design yes html is the most basic of all…if you want to see an example of html, go to view-> view source (for IE) and it will show the basic code of the website you are on.

I can remember when they tried to teach us HTML code in middle school
It didn’t go too well
I never did learn it i was in band (big mistake, band almost got me expelled)

sorry I meant it is the easiest to learn.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is a sort of a language, it tells your browser (that has been programmed to accept commands from the file containing the HTML code) that it should display what the HTML code says. For example, if a web designer wants to display some text in bold, he simply writes <B>Text</B>. The <B> tag tells the browser to start making the text bold, and the </B> tag says it to stop writing in bold. So, it would look like this:

… he simply writes Text. The …

If you want to try for your self to make some HTML code, try out HTML Goodies. It’s a great website for beginners.

I hope this clears something up for you :slight_smile:

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The best place to learn about HTML is here.
Thats the World Wide Web Consortium and the official site for how HTML should be written. But it’s a bit on the technical side for trying to start out with HTML. This is a validator that you can upload any HTML file too. If it is valid HTML then this will tell you so.

And finally is another site that has in depth easy to follow tutorials on how to write your own HTML.

You could probably seriously learn the most basic aspects of HTML in a day if you put yourself down to it.

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the basic code of a website, and lays ground work for Php, Javasctipt, etc. If you want a HTML tutorial, PM me and i will help you out, free of charge. :smiley:

im still havin trouble with this … :frowning:


That was probably the temporary picture that shows after it is created.

If you really want to learn HTML the best place to start is: from there it is easy to move onto more advance languages.

Do you want to know how to work it?