HUGE bank sale! Both f2p and p2p items!

I’m clearing out my bank, here’s what’s for sale:

Blue beret x2

Red Headband x1

Ring of Wealth x1

Full Black Dragon Hide x1

Rune legs x1 SOLD

Rune full helm x1 SOLD

Black platebody x1

Black full helm x1

Mithril kiteshield x1

Rune pick x1

Black long x1

Addy long x1

Addy Battleaxe x1

Black dagger x2

Mith dagger x4

Rune dagger x2

Black 2hander x1

Rune arrows x23

Addy Javelins x347

Iron knives x286

Mith chain x1

Mith spear § x1

Arrow shafts x17,286 - 3K SOLD

Mining helms x5

Bone Spear x1

Bone Club x1 - SOLD

Well post your offers here, along with your rs username. I’ll tell you if I agree with your price.

My rsn: Michaelks

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

im interested in the blue beret

65k and we’ve gotta deal.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

bone stuff 25k for both

Deal, message me in the game. I can’t meet you right now though, I’m doing a quest.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

:x havnt got that much i wasted my money
i could offer 55k

how much for the rune legs full helm and daggers

rsn xfourx

Rune legs are 60k, full helm is 30k. Offer for the daggers.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

ill take the helm and ill pay 7k for ea dagger??

K, which daggers are you buying?

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

trade me in game cy there

Ill buy the other blue beret for 65k :slight_smile:

RS name ke7

Umm…what are you buying?

Ok, I’ll sell.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

ok il buy for 60k?

the rune daggers

I’ll buy the ring for 5k. my username is the same as it is here.

O, 10k each then.

Ring of wealth is worth 100k…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

wanna buy the rune legs,my offer is 50k
pm me in runescape

I’m selling the items…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

I dought this is worth it but…70k for red headband…my name in rs is Kc9