huge kill?

i killed this lvl 100 when i was lvl 56 and he was monk me and frnd where deep when i asked him 2 help us kill the great demon he said ill try i have no food he also had no weapon so we where killling the greater demon and my frnd said in a pm (lets kill him)he had low hitpoints when i hit him with 7 and killed him me and frnd have been laughing sinces! p.s me and frnd lvled 2 lvl 57 after this lol we make fun of this guy now :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if he was monk and had low hitpoints, then it probably wouldn’t have been to hard to kill him. But good job.

if he was in full rune and full food and hp you would be running for your life

What were u guys in, btw ur the type of people that get others to be untrusting

i think it was a good kill, but he had low hp, so it wouldn’t have been that hard to kill him, even tho he was lvl 100

ya man come on you got to be kidding me i had killed one but he had no awoer on and hitproints were low

why not just go out and have a proper fight with one :stuck_out_tongue:

did he drop anything or wasnt he bothered about dying?

lol thats funny

Yeah at level 100 even a monk isn’t easy to kill. OR at least level 56.

thats mested up

yeah if he was out of prayer points of course its easy if he had prayer points left wouldve beaten the snot out of u with protection from melee

ya full rune and hitpoints i would be away from him

I don’t think this kid is lieing because I killed a level 117 at level 73 but I used pots and kept hitting 26s on him.

i got him off guard becuase i was accting like i was going 2 get the stuff i foung only some bones then i hit a 7 on him wen he was about 2 eat go some swordies not a lot later i used those swordies for a clan ran like crap and im not lying at all this actually happened