Hurricane Seasion:What Will Happen To Florida This Year?

Whats gonna happen to Florida this Hurricane season?Is it going to get bashed like it did last year,or stay silent?What do you think? Post your thoughts here.

Gulps I live in Florida…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Lol,well lets hope nothin comes your way lol.

I’m in Florida as well. I didn’t take any damage last season, although I was hit 3 times. I hope nothing comes my way, cause I already know my friend Fabiano’s roof got a huge hole in it last season. He’s the nicest person you would ever meet and I dont want him to go through that again.

Luckily, we got no damage. Most of the hurricanes missed us.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

I live in NY for once i feel good about NY

I live in Alaska but i went down to Florida to be with my grandma.We stayed for all 3.Im gald she didnt live in Punta Gorda,but my friend did.We used to live in Punta Gorda…I feal sorry for him…whole house Destroyed…

lol i dont even live there and in scared

Yeah if another hurricane comes ill have to go back down…Luckily,i wasent in Ivan.He was the worst.Now Pensacola is gettin hit by Arlene.I feal bad for them.They took in alot of damage from Ivan,and now this.Hurricanes are really bad storms,but its just a part of nature i guess.

i dont think it will be that bad this year. though i think it might be worse next year. Good old iowa still hasn’t let me down!! alls we get in iowa is tornados. and a couple of years ago a tornado almost touched down at a baseball diamond that i had just left like 2 minutes earlier. and another tornado was right over k-mart. only they got lucky that it didn’t touch down. see no hurricanes! just tornados.

i live in the mia thank god we didint get hit! only mid florida got hit not the south :). lets see what happens i hope no one gets hit but thats not what forcasts are saying

As an outsider to the United States…I think it might get hit again, although I hope not. Damn headlines will be clogged up with hurricane news. And several good friends might have a less than pleasant time…

Heh, New Orleans, Pensecola, Biloxi, etc. should feel more scared… I mean, Ivan, Arlene, and the other storms just plowed through that way instead of takin Florida’s eastern coasts… I kinda felt sorry for my friend who lives in Birmingham since Arlene went through there after she hit land… But yeah, this year should be another tragic year I guess… Sorry for those who live in the areas where tropical storms/hurricanes hit a lot…

I live in Florida too! Though, I’m pretty sure it wont be as bad as last year!

So if at anytime you dont hear from Me, Michaelks, or X then a storm might have hit and the power might be out lol Strangely, i brought this up in another thread?My idea was stolen?! lol