~~~H'Ween Mask Question!!!!~~~~

I am wondering if halloween masks are members only, because i have been told that they are and that they are not…so if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be really nice

post here, or send me a PM

thank you :slight_smile:


they are for free players also. Its just that members can get them and free players can only buy them.

ty, for the info

Also, does anyone know the values of each mask…i know that different colors are differnt prices…

anyone know…???

thank you

i think green is 5m now
red 9m maybe
blue 7m i think

i’m not sure but close enough

To get accurate prices, you’ll just need to go to world 1 and look around, or look on the RS forums.
sickmate 8)

Haha! Here the prices from yesterday (Ive Been Merchanting Them) :

Red - 16.5M
Blue - 11M
Green 8.5M

um no nobody can get them unless you buy them. SO there both f2p and p2p

thank you for the help