hybrid: kyles knight's stats and goals

here he is in all in one picture :o

rate */10 plox

9/10. Dm me pls? Add Leet Jr if ur interested, ill bring 200k if you dont protect.

Ummm no thanks you’d kill me XD

nice u should post sum pk pics

Nice work 9/10… why so much iron? Get higher str :slight_smile:

DM me then if not Leet JR? Add me hodge pker. No protecting.

whats that green thing at the bottom of your bank? and btw nice puur

Its a zombie mask

Good pker Kyle…8/10

not bad pure but y def…

ye why is the def 5?

thanks guys heres an answer for your question

why 5def you ask?
well before I made it a pure I made it a fisher pure and got it 3def so when I did make it a pure (it could catch his own food so…ya) so I discided what the heck might as well get it 5 or people will be saying “why 3def?” not very good reason but thats me always makeing stupid reasons for things :smiley:

why I haven’t posted pks?
because I’ve bin mostly training so it can be a good pker :smiley: and whenever I do go pking I forget pics :\

why so much iron :o
because whenever I go pking I will have enough even if I die so I dont have to go on my main everytime to make iron cause I lost a set X.x and if your wondering why I dont make steel instead, because irons easier to make XD

edit: whoops forgot to answer some questions

uhh, that is a big picture it looks like. i’m typing this part here waiting for the pic to show. next time can you crop the pic so that it loads faster plz =\

kk, see it now =P
WOWERS!! 7000M gp, you’re the richest guy with gp that i have seen! i especially like the way you have all that money and the rest of the items are worth nothing =D

nice steel pure. i also have one (landlubber0) and it have 52 str, 5 def, 20 atk, and 32 cmb lvl. eventually i’m going to stop at lvl 40 atk, not 42 atk like you did. why you do that anyways? it looks like that char is f2p…

no offense but that pure a bit bad …
5 def…
36 pray
my 55 pure wud own it soz

ur guna get p00ned in p2p without higher str and a maul

I will dm u add purestag05 he is my lvl 50 pure/ small hybrid