i ahve seen a rock smoke buit this is too much

hope u like it

did you use paint for it? with the spray thing :stuck_out_tongue:

eh… i think a 6/10 for trying

It’s ok…
But nice try!
7/10 8)

looks like cartoon soap bubbles to me lol
5.5/10 for the pic itself
8/10 for creativity

It looks like its High on somethings

Haha! That’s funny.

lol funny

erm, 5/10 nice try lol

I used paint so it is a bit shabby

still gud 7/10 nice effort

HEH, nice idea, but it doesent look real 5/10.

P.s, 1300 posts.

5/10 lol :lol:

doesn’t look like smoke

looks like a bubble bath, LOL

6/10 for creativity and effort

6/10. Take a pic of a site or rs mod and make him smoke and I will give u a 10.