I am 100% nerd

I am 100% Video Game Addict.

You got a problem, man. You won’t find the answer to life in a video game. Turn off that console or computer, go outside and try some reality for a change.

Go to http://www.fuali.com/default.aspx to get ur score on a test.


I got a 23%, im not too big on videogames. I don’t even have a console.

21% I neva play video games except RS, Bond Games, Madden, and Rachet and clank, mostly RSS though, and not much. =-)



It took me 5 tries to get from 37% to 100% lol.


I am 26% Video Game Addict.

You may play video games but they don’t rule your life. Good for you. But be careful not to fall in the grasp of the loving glow of the TV or monitor.

Why keep myself from the ‘loving glow’? I can quit anytime I want.

It’s called copy and paste. You know, highlighting and right click > copy. Then, you paste it. It’s not that hard.


13%… I don’t play viderator games that much.

opps i think i took the wrong test


Not a nerd =P
I wonder why i scored that high, all I have is a G-Cube and a GameBoy…

Oh yeah, 36%

It’s kind of true, but of course I have a life. :slight_smile:

I got 21%…

81% sniff

I am 12% Idiot.

You are not annoying at all. In fact most people come to you for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of ou. But what can you do? You are smarter than most people.

rofl i only got 38% i should rub it into my mums face saying that im not totally addicted yet

i dont think that i am addicted to video games but i do enloy playing them