i AM a member now

ok yay im a member!!!
so far ive only played 1 round of castle wars, and thats all, but im going on later tonight to do stuff!
lol cant wait it looks SICK!!!
sickmate 8)

yay congratz man!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: you’ll love members its awesome! i can give you a tour or something sometime if you’d like

Man i want to be a member, :frowning: oh well, anyways congrats on being a member.

Yeah, congratz on becoming a member… I’m seeing that you’re way excited about it… Well, have fun…


Hey congratz members rules!
I would be happy to help you with the quests or good places to up your skills if you like.

congratz .
Wish i was a member :frowning:

Congratz, sickmate! Have fun being a member! :smiley: .

Congratz on being A Member… Have Alot of Fun!

yea congrats i wish i was 1

off topic Ogothefat why have your copied sickmates sig by using it as your own??. I saw the great trout joke but i didnt do anything cuz it would be coping

Sweet one sickmate did the petition help?

So what else have you done so far? its been a day hasnt it now?

U know…the best thing now…you can buy cheap things in fally garden in members world 2 and sell for more in varrock world 1…tee hee hee.