I am back on making fake pics, so I am taking ideas!

What the title says… only LOUDER! :smiley:

Please post your ideas on here :stuck_out_tongue:

full drag…i dunno if u did that already but it would be cool to c how u think it’ll look

hiya jolio =P can u make meh a sig? u alrdy know my name lol, but my combat is 60 and my QP are 39

hmm how about full…dragon hide with some type of dragon full helm…like this (brother helped)

no offence guy but thats weird…thatd b 4 rsc lol!

Ok Jolio heres your challange make it so you are dealing 100000.
LOL ARGH!!! jokes as if :lol: :lol:
I want you to make an animation that shows you ranging (using special attack) a red dragon.

If you dare!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA :twisted:

Jolio, You will be getting more requests you think so watch out! Lol. My idea for a fake pic is to make new types of mage armour for lvl 50, 60 and 70-like the range armours. I hope this idea is accepted! :smiley:

Make you riding on the king black dragons back, and say hes your sled, and make him have a santa hat on!

=p hope mine is chosen

you should make fake pics of different people from rsr. how you imgine them through your eyes

how bought a shot of the kalphite queen with a santa

full dragon would be cool(plate body, legs, full helm)

how about a zombie looking runesacape man tat will look funny :lol:

make pic that you killing zezima or lilyuffie or some thing and they wear full dragon and you wear nothing you just have a mit sword or some that will be a spotprent of them:D

make your self on the top of a bank getting struck by lightning

Nice ideas all of you! And Stoop, you really have to shrink your sig.
It’s ridiculously big.

lol how about a thing like Resident Evil and RuneScape mixed into one?

could u do something like the Klaphite(please excuse spelling if its wrong)queen being owned by a bunch of newbs or something

A new pet for runescape players, an animal that only exists on RS… you’ll have to use your imagination for the rest :slight_smile:

How about a moving picture when somebody pretends to be a noob but they have realy got full rune just not wearing it and bugs somebody for there stuff and suddenly he kills the guy to get get his stuff

O!, a new god spell and staff :slight_smile: