I am back RSR!

If you have not heard I am coming back to RSR and runescape but I am still playing WOW ( World of Warcraft) I just wanted to say hello again!

Hello! welcome back! w00t! o WoW is fun…i played it at my friends house. i actually like it better than RuneScape, but welcome back

welcome back good to see u again if u remember me lol

hey welcome back zeus…long time no see…we missed you…i was wonderin were you were…i missed those pk trips you had…well it nice to see that you’re back…

Nice to meet you Zeus( I wasn’t a member of RSR when the last time you posted)! You seem like a great guy! Look forward to seeing you post more now lol


Zeus! Welcome back! We will need your samrt posts and topics :slight_smile: I got 2.5k posts :slight_smile: Soon…

good 4 u my goal is 200 b4 june 28th


Zeus! Did you take my advice and come back? :stuck_out_tongue: Well its good to see ya again.

Welcome back! It’s good to see you back again… I tried playing WOW at a friend’s house, and it was fun, though getting around was slow… have fun with rs and WOW :smiley:

Welcome back :slight_smile: I took your place for the most lols on rsr lol :smiley:

Hey dude, We’ve all been missing you. Welcome back!

i dont know you be welcome bk

hello and welcome back

Hey, Zeus is back! Good to see you again dude.

EHHHHH!!! welcome back, i was wondering y i havent seen u for a while.

Also one thing about World Of Warcraft… I find it funny when people abbreviate it as “WOW” it just makes me laugh lol.

I still remember the post you say that you were leaving RS and RSR to play WOW… And it’s great to have you back…

Yay! Zeus is coming back! I’m sure you don’t know who the hell I am (I’m a noob) but welcome back.

Sorry for making this late but YES!!! Welcome back Zeus, RSR has missed you greatly… I’m glad you’re back… It’s fine that you’re still playing WoW… It’s a good game but I’m just glad your back…

Wow… I wondered when you were comming back. I am glad to see that you are back.

-=~ J.T. ~=-