I am looking to be in a good clan.

Hey all…I am a dedicated member of rs looking for a good strong clan to be in if you are interested in me joining please notify me on rs or post here.

Army of Darkness could use some more members, and we’re growing fast!

If you’re above level 30 combat, have some skill (ex. mining) that can contribute something to the rest of the clan, and a black cape, you’re in!

vash maybe you could join the clan i join lol :wink:

Good to see your posting… hope we get a good clan. if you choose another clan i’d be hurt… nah well be good enemy’s or allies what ever…

Im looking for a clan that has been in progress for a while and has alot of events. I want to be in a clan with at least 100 other members. If you lead a clan that reach my standerds please post below and give me a website to go to.