I am new can people give me good advice?

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum thing so can someone tell me what i should do and shouldn’t do? thank you. I am also looking for how to make a signature and those picture things next to your name. Thank you for reading this.

Welcome to the forums! THe only thing I can suggest is to be polite, follow the rules, dont double post, spam, or flame.

well, everything highly said is correct, i wish u luck in becomign part of our community. happy chatting!

and another advice, think hard before making a new topic, because you are in the wrong one, but it’s ok ( i guess) it’s your first time, you’ll learn. oh by the way, you should have made this in the help forum

to answer ur last few questions…u can get signatures here www.rsbandb.com …just click signature…and to get an avatar…click “your account” and at the bottom of the screen theres a place u can change ur avvy

i got sum advice, dont eat yellow snow 8)

Lol. Btw I wrote this couple days ago.

Read the rules! I hate it when people post without reading the rules first… the rules are in announcements.

i think hes asking for advice, not necessairily rules, but yeah ur rite

dont pet a burning dog… good piece of advice there

lol, hot dog

i’m new too, but i think i got it. So welcome to the forums.