i am nice irl!

nytram needed 1M fir whip and i lended him =) he will pay back next weekend

May i have 1mil please, you know you want to :slight_smile:


not really. i am broke atm!! and dilson get on rs and give nytram back so he can start rcing =)

nice job shaki :slight_smile:
nice to see theres still nice ppl in RS

yeh will i dont want to be rememberd as a scammer cause i am not :slight_smile:

fank j00 shaki, i better get rcing

yeh u betta =)

yeh u betta =)

O: Thats really nice of you. Is your computer broken? :smiley:

Double post :o

You’re very nice :smiley:

wtf ur lending pple money and u aint even payed me back my 500k :frowning:
anway nice of u tho hehe :smiley:

Everyone thats a fake PIC, SHAKI IS A scammer and u know it ,

jokin lol, anywayz thats nice of u


every1 thought she was a scammer 4 a while

…Didn’t you just scam thekiller?!

Why do people post about them giving their friends money? I lend my friends stuff all the time and I dont go posting “I lent him 5m!!!”

That it awesome… I wish my friends would lend me money…

Why does the picture say: Opponents offer: 1000k, your offer: nothing? :o

I know he’s just trading to show lol. Well that’s nice, especially after you’ve paid my shield back today. :slight_smile:

Its cos nytram took the pic :smiley:

And nytram didn’t post it cos he thought he was still banned :slight_smile:

you did take the killers whip and logged out and said you were hacked