I am quiting rs. Please read.

I quiting rs. I am also giving away my stuff. I am giving away 97sets of zammy, 18 masks, 28 sets of full rune, 28mil, and 84 party hats.:frown:
please note that you HAVE to be at least lvl. 50 so you can save time when I give you stuff.

please send an e-mail to me telling what you want and the following as shown.THANK YOU!:slight_smile:



NOTE: I need your password so I can transfer the item(s) you want.


haha ur funny

edit:snor come world 6 lo

No asking for peoples passwords. Thats pass scamming… >.>

please e-mail me at tristan_bala@.com

Har Har Har

I swear to god

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: : (

Are you serious? OMG can I email you right now?

Holy crap. Dude that proves everything! I am sending you my password to my account right now!

ban lock delete kill do watever to this dumb attempt to manipulate our minds into thinking he is telling the truth pl0x.

this isnt locked yet? i think the mods are keepin it here to let us have a luagh lol.

aww what a little scammer trying to scam tisk tisk

im laughing

this is great

No seriously guys, he swore to god. That proves everything! OMG I am TOTALLY giving him my pass.

alrite mods…anytime now. im running out of insults and smart remarks to bombard this scammer with. oo wait i got one:

Runescapename: thisisntworking
Password: youstupidscammerhavefunbeingbanned

haha like i would give u my pass

alrite mod! sick em boy!!

Why is that everytime there is a scamming taking place people post.
Honestly, just send a mod a pm.
Plus, I banned the user, but I have no control over this section so I sent it to another mod. :confused:

even if he swears i won’t give him my pass