I am really really annoyed with jagex over.......

I just want to say im a member and have inquired about the compatability of macs using safari with rs music and sfx.
JAgex nevee even read it and here is what they said back.




Re: Your Recent Support Query


29 Mar 2005 21:48


Hi Ebony5,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Customer Support.

At Jagex we are committed to answering all of the queries submitted by our Members personally, however on this occasion we have been unable to do so.
This is due to the sheer number of queries being submitted to Customer Support and as a result we are currently expanding our team to meet demand.

RuneScape.com has a wealth of information available to players whether it be Technical, Billing or Game related and more often than not you will find the answer here.

If after looking at the website you are still unable to locate the required answer then please resubmit your query and we will do our utmost to answer it as quickly as possible.

I would like to take this oppotunity to apologise for not being able to offer a personal response at this time.
I would in addition like to thank you for your continued support in RuneScape and wish you luck within the game.

RuneScape Customer Support.

On 26th March 2005 you sent us the following:

Could u please see about making sound effects and music compatale with macs using safari 1.0.3 We cant hear music or effects. ty, ebony5.

They do try…I spoke with a RuneScape Moderator about it. They say that Andrew explains to them all the things happening in the office. Think about it; something like only 20 people, replying to like an income of 100 messages every minute. Chaos.

Think about it.

Jagex isn’t a massive coperation with 100s of employees. They will answer in time. Trust me. I mean they won’t answer right now as its only like 2 in the morning in england.

I sent them the message 2 weeks ago .

Lol that also happens when you call a phone company or something.
Its like “thankyou for calling Telstra, hold please.” an then your there for like 2 hours and they say “sorry he is in a meeting right now would you like me to take a message?” lol its kinda funny like the secretaries are taught to say that to us :lol:

At least they’ve expained why they can’t respond. There is a perfectly valid reason. I think you should wait a bit until they have more staff and then mail them.

i cant votee…i meen they are lazy ppl…and they shoudnt worry bout members.