I am sick got a fever?

well I feel sick I was annoyed now one will buy my shield. so i did this
besides i have to run da shop…
go a head laugh ur heads off.
I gota go fish with my new ammy of power! yay! ( let me check ur temperture)

i dont get it

lol weird…i didn’t know i was in ur sig lol…thought i was keeping you entertained while you were fishing my lobsters that i ordered from your shop:p

Lmao, congrats on the ammy of power! =p
You would’ve only gotten like 50k off the kite anyway, not too shaby.

thats not a sig

when u get another fever and ur selling stuff… tell me =]

mzke ure sig smaller retard

You could’ve said please, what is this world coming to?

But yes, andre119 please reduce your sig, there are limits

ROFL!!! ill sell you 1 for 50k… i got 1 for a rune axe a few days ago :slight_smile: