I am so mad about this!

I own rune claws, and where them everywhere, so I usually get like 5 offers for them a day. I payed 90k in items for them. I found they work very, very well when training attack. So I get usual offers around 50-80k, even a dragon long or two. Heres the part that annoys me so much. I dont accept there offer, just because I say I like them very much and would need a high offer to change my mind (like 120k plus, I know, its crazy). Then they get mad, and almost every single one of them, if not all, calls me a noob. Most of them are worst them me! Ive only had 3 offers by people better than me, and only 1 called me a noob, but yet all of the lower leveled ones called me a noob. So I guess im the noob for having an item you want but wont come up with the money for. Im so mad! Im being called a noob by everyone! My advice: If you dont have the money for the items, dont act like a moron, just leave, or offer more.


well don’t expect not to be called a noob if you’re overcharging for things, but I can understand why you don’t want to sell them

I can understand being called a newb, by a higher level, but none of them except a few are! Overcharging is common, especially with uncommon or rare items. Anyways half of them dont even know what a noob is! A noob isnt a overcharger, a lower leveled person or anything of that sort. Its mostly scammers, hackers, rude people, ect. If there insulting me like that, then there rude, as I didnt do anything wrong, so I could call them noobs. But do I? No, not unless they keep saying it.

Na. Even if you do overcharge for things, there’s no reason for people to call you a noob. If you were advertising that the claws were for sale, then you refused a decent trade, then I could see where they’d call you a noob. But since (at least what it seems like) they only offer for them when they see you using them, they’re just jelous that you have the claws. I’d say that the next person who asks to buy them, tell them that you like them and won’t sell unless the price is extremely high - tell them to go to the market world (world 1/29 for F2P - I believe it’s world 2 for P2P) and buy their own.

how do u get rune claws? what monster drops em?

As far as I know, you need 98 smithing to make them. Otherwise I dont know. I just bought mine. I have actually never tryed to sell my claws, just everyone offers. Its actually kinda funny, as I get so much response.


Pfft… Sorry to hear that but welcome to my world… Though I get called a noob for no reason at all… Usually, I try to keep myself on the lowdown so I don’t attract much attention… I try not to carry anything with me when I’m not doing something because I don’t find a need to and plus it helps by not draining my energy as fast… But then you have like lower level people who are like “OMGe, leik Gimnmimna si lkie hihg lvlel!!111 i goTTA GTER AeriiTEMs!!111” (Translation: OMG, Geminiman is a high level. I have to consult him about buying some rare items.) And just automatically assume that I have some good items on me when on the contrary, I have nothing on me… But yeah, they’re usually like “WFT!!1111111 cNT’ BIlivee U dN’T gtgoo di etms!!!” (Translations: I cannot believe that you do not have any good items on you.) and start pestering me by begging and if that doesn’t work and I tell them that I really don’t have a single thing on me, they start calling me a noob and such… But yeah, sorry to hear that… But now you kinda know what it’s like for me…

meh, I get called a noob a lot. Mostly by people I pk. Its always funny, you just owned them, and they call you a noob for it. If I was the noob, I would be the one being sent to Lumby.

That happens to me all the time when I have something rare, like my santa hat I had, people would bug me all the time making offers like 300k or lower and when i say no, they call me a noob!
Fools! :twisted:

I used to have Rune Claws, but a desperate sounding level 90 bought them off me for 150K :?. I didn’t complain :P. Yeah, it does get annoying when people ask if they can buy something and your not selling it. I get it all the time with my Granite Sheild.