i am sorry

as i accused ded of scamming phoenix, i say that i am sorry, i now become sure that you didn’t, how i did, that is not important i just did. and i would pm ded with the apology, but as my accusations was public, the apology have to be public, and if i wanted to give my self an exuse, i will give it as ded, never said that the hacker is the one who take the money from phoenix, anyway i am sorry

I am sure Ded will take it well. I am sorry to Ded also for creating that thread and having so many enemies against him.

lol, lets all hug :smiley:

i agree. tear… wait that sounds too emoish. scratch it. FRIENDS FOREVER OH MY GOSTH! lol. gj on being mature, knight.

wow, i miss alot of stuff…