I been scammed my rune hally.

I been scammed for my rune hally. I think runescape should start being called Grand Theft Auto Online. I think if there is proof someone has been scammed of their item, then they should get it back. :evil:

How did you get scammed? I thought only noobs fell for scamming tricks.

Srry for your loss
Is there a funeral?? jk

here are some suggestions raise your stats so people respect you more
change password about every 2 weeks
and recovory questions
select only people you really trust to put on your freinds list or else put them on you ignore list

HoPe ThIs HeLpS

he was scammed not hacked mr ithinkiknowitall. Everything you said there has nothing to do with scammers. The higher your lvl, the more they want to try and scam you. About the friends list thing, you can’t completely trust anyone you meet on the game.

yeah iced is right and im sorry to hear it bull man

First of all Stoop111, this is not the best time to make funeral jokes. Also,
Grand theft auto is stealing cars. not rune halaberds. so really it’s your own fault if you got scammed.

Yeah you should not fall for scams didn’t you read the rules? Anyway who scammed you?

its not like he wanted to fall for the the scam and there is no rule that says dont fall for any scams lol

People could easily exploit that by getting there friends to scam them.

yea that is true. Someone could get a phat, and have their friend scam them and then if Jagex gave them another one, it would be horrible.

I dont feel to bad for , somone got on to my friends account stole all the money and changed the pasword!!!

heres a joke lol…

Ahhhh help my dragon battle aaxe got scammed for 2mil, he over payed ahhhh i cant find him ahhhhh.

OK then, I didnt find that all that funny. Anyway, srry to hear that Bull man, it also happned to my friend.

Best of luck for getting another one?

I love you people you keep givin me great ideas! look for my new poll everyone!

How did you get scammed anyways?

shutup about polls is that all you talk about

no not really, I give people advice too. :smiley: but I joined here to learn new things and see if my ideas would float here…mainly the second one. so sorry but I’m just tellin people thank you when they give me good ideas. I didn’t know thanking people wasn’t allowed here.

jagex should do something…runescape is just a mixture of bits and pieces of code and stuff, right? why not embed the entire thing with something, like an item transfering system (wait before you say there is item transfering)

like, they say they can find scammers and stuff, but they cant get your stuff back? why not do a system like that that makes a “trade” between the two parties. Like that bank-trading system thing they tried to do. Since they know the scammers pass and the victims pass, they could log and do the trade or something…

or i could be eating too much sugar…