I cant belive americans...

I dont want all americans to take this personally, because I do not intend to generalize. I recognise most of u belong to this nation, but i ask you to plz be objective about this topic.

We have all heard about Terri Shiavo, who starved to death today (thursday 31) at 9 am. All americans are like “oh my god, she starved to death, and all because her husband”.

I share the pain, and i feel bad for her and her parents as well, but let me see if u can get my point.

Millions of children, who could actually react, feel, and crey their hunger, die in Africa day after day. They had parrents as well, who feel their pain no less than terry’s parents do.

But let me say sumthing, has any of those childs become a national topic?
Has any of those children apeared on national tv??

I dont know if thats fair at all, i mean, 1 single girl starves to death and every american cry her death. 10.000 kids die each year and we dont even notice it.

I want people to post coments about it. I mean, why is this hapening? Millions of people starve to death all year long, but 1 single american starve to death, and they make a whole national issue about it.

Plz dont call me hearless, i share terry shiavo’s death. This is a critisism to the mayority of americans, but let me state clear not all of them.

Thx for your time!

call me crazy but we have prgrams where thousands maybe even millions of americans pay 5-20$ a month and also we have docters dwn there doing the best they can to help…what country do you live in and whjat are they dsoing 2 help?

yeah, really.

last week at my scool, we made t-shirts for kids in Kenya and also we sent over a lot of money.

also, someone from our parish started a FREE day care in Kenya and she feds them and gives them water and clothes

really, think of wat we do to help them… so u cant start a big deal about 1 thing happening and start yelling at us about it. I mean, its not like its our fault, right?

sry about the double post…

btw i cant believe, wat ever nationality u r. trying to make us Americans feel bad, i mean i do fell bad, but u shouldn’t try to make us feel worse.

and life in the U.S. isn’t perfect, i mean we have a lot more than Africa, don’t get me wrong, but, believe it or not, there are homeless ppl in the U.S. too that we r trying to take care of.

I know that, and i recognise tons of americans help alot. But i am sendind this critisism as a mayor target to publicity and politics. In case u have followed the terri shiavo news, the enssurance company offered 1 milion dollars to the husband if he unpluged terry (after 15 years if there is no evitendt medical progress, then the life enshurance pays that amount in terry’s case)

I think that was kind of an defensive topic. I want people plz post about what they think of this topic, and try to avoid flaming me because i posted my point ov view (not telling u did it in last post, because u definetly did not, just in case of future posts :wink: )

Well I think both things are just as bad as the other but the diffrence is, and why it’s been a big issue is because in the case of Terri Shiavo it was mainly about is it right or wrong to kill a person who is mentally ill and has been in a hospital for along time with almost no chance of their conditon getting any better. I do not believe that was the right choice pulling her feeding tube, I mean her husband made the choice which he shouldn’t have had in the first place for 2 reasons.

  1. She did not ever say she wanted to be killed if she was in that condition, he said that’s what she would have wanted it.
  2. Her custody and choice the choice of pulling her feeding tube should have gone to her parents who care for her more than he does.

One of the nurses who was watching her said that one day he came in and said “Has the b**** died yet?”. He also is going to have her creamated (don’t think i spelled it right), and have her ashes put in a spot where the family won’t know where it is. I think this shows he does not love her anymore.

Yes, he is giving them time to autopsy the body before it’s creamated but if they miss something, the evidence is gone…forever. I think he’s got something to hide, He doesn’t act like he loves her anymore and if I remember right he’s already had kids with a diffrent woman. I think he might have abused her before she got to the condition she ended up in. If so I hope the authorities find evidence of it and he ends up going to jail. I feel for her family, for her death at this time could’ve been avoided. I also feel for the families in Africa and elsewhere who have children who starve to death. Both things are sad and things that shouldn’t happen at this time and age both because we have the resources and technology to prevent them.

I agree, I am sure the big time news stations are crying right now, thier parade has finally ended, no more big time news. :cry: But seriously you do have a good point, we don’t talk about starving children nearly as much as Michael Jackson, Sports, The Scott Peterson Trial (thank god thats over :? ), and stories like Terri Shiavo’s. Truly I do symphazize with her family as I have a 8 year old (his birthday was today :slight_smile: ) step brother who is mentally retarded. I think the main reason people were so upset about this is the Greed involved in it. Mike Shiavo, killed his life, in a sense, to gain money and marry unto another woman with his 2 children with said women. Good point Redgar.

ok, this makes no sence…

u DON’T want ppl to get made at u, when most players are american, and ur topics name is… I DON’T BELIEVE AMERICANS!!!

i mean i can see y u dont want ppl to be mad at u, but its kinda hard when im an american and u say that u cant believe americans!!!

wat contry r u from?

maybe if i start a topic about ur contry u’ll see y ppl r mad at u!!!

i dont believe u, u want peace, but ur the one who started everything in the first place.


ok, this makes no sence…

u DON’T want ppl to get made at u, when most players are american, and ur topics name is… I DON’T BELIEVE AMERICANS!!!

i mean i can see y u dont want ppl to be mad at u, but its kinda hard when im an american and u say that u cant believe americans!!!

wat contry r u from?

maybe if i start a topic about ur contry u’ll see y ppl r mad at u!!!

i dont believe u, u want peace, but ur the one who started everything in the first place.

wow :x :x :x :evil: :evil: :evil: :!: :!: :!:

I know really, my school just raised 2000 dollars for food and water for the people that lost their homes in the Tsunami in Japan and all those places. Americans are good people (well atleast some of them :wink: )

I share exactly your point of view, isnt it weird that after 15 years he decided to umplugged her just now? THe ensurance company was not going to pay the cash to him if terry was umplugged befre 15 years.

Here’s a curious fact posted in 2000 in milenium facts sheer:

“Bill gates has overpassed his second billion dollars for this milenium. One billion dollars is more than enough to fix the economic problems in africa, including hunger and deseases.”

It’s just sad to see how people dies or starvation because of cash…

I’m american and I am not offended at all, its a good point. Why are you so “up in arms”?

Thats exactly what i want to get to. Plz be objective (stay in topic, do not take this as an insider and post taking for granted only the facts). I do know almost all players are american, but at my time here i have learned that most of the people who post here are intelectually adecuate to discuss this topics.

If u read my first post, i focused on the “do not take this personally” part, if u find this topic ofensive in any way, i apologize, but try to keep the posts in topic plz.

I know, if I ever had that much money, even a million dollars, I would donate most of it to charities to solve those problems, I just wish that those who were rich would spend thier money to benifit mankind not just themself.

I am American also and am not offended by this either. And about the 5-20 dollars some people donate to charities for this kind of stuff. If you think about it not everyone in America donates money to these charities, maybe around 50-75% of Americans do that I’d guess. And even 20 dollars a month is not enough for just one kid, it probably costs about 20 dollars a week for food and water for one kid. If you think about it there’s more kids being born there everyday. It’s great that people are donating money but that only helps a percentage of the people that are starving…it doesn’t feed everyone there who needs food. That’s why Redgar said that there are children in Africa that starve to death every year.

I’m happy to find someone wich who i can share my point of view with. It’s unbeliveable, if we take in concideration the amount of cash entering every day to wealthy people’s hands, and multiply them for a couple of years, the money capital will soon abolish middle class families. There will be only 2 types of people, poor or rich. It’s scary just to think about it…

Yea if I had alot of money I’d say I’d donate alot to charities but you gotta think about one thing…money changes people. Poor people want money just as much as rich people want more, and rich people probably want more money more that poor people want money. Rich people thing as long as they have money they have love and happiness. That’s why alot of rich people don’t donate to these kind of charities.

wow do u have any idea how much money Bill Gates donates!!! About 2000 times more then u will ever donate!!!

There is a difference… I only make an average of 100 hundred dollars a year… and donate about 50% to church to go to charities, how much (% wise) does he donate?

im not sure how much percent wise it is but donating 750 million to fight childrens diseases is pretty dam good!!!