I cant wait to try the castle wars!they are suppost tobe fun

are the castle wars easy?or hard?

I highly doubt that all four of them died, unless they had no armor and no food and no prayer.

they may have died but i doubt it to…kalphite is really hard but the whole reason for that is to keep drag chains rare and b/c they dont want a single player to be able to kill it they wat you to have to go wit a group of people

monster lvl 333? where? wut his name? im f2p :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t read the updates very often do you? The lvl 333 monster is the Kalphite queen. It is a members only monster in the desert south of Al Kharid.

anyone want to go on a kalphite trip?

i would like to go, but i’m only 71 combat for now, so i would most likely get owned pretty quick

I would like to go on a trip with you to the kalphite queen but next week

i forgot the name of the queen srry

yes it is hardbuttt i have killed it alot with teams : )

i would if i was a member even though i’mlvl 50 i just want to see the queen.

I’ve never been there, and never will for a while… I really have no desire to go and think its kinda pointless caus the drop is so darn rare!

they all did die but 3 of them had no armour just desert clothes

I don’t know wich topic to stay on… the kalphite queen or the castle wars. but the castle wars are really fun they are hard if you go after the flag because you will have some many people trying to kill you. But if you are a warior you can defend your teams flag. Rangers or mages stand on the wals and shoot the other team’s invaders. I do all three. So to anwser your question it is verry fun and easy or hard depending on what you want to do.

i now have the legs and helm from the castle wars. What do all of have from the castle wars

whats everyones favourite castle wars armour piece?