i caught a fish

check it out, this fish i winned, i caught him at a pond :slight_smile:


You winned a fish? lol. nice.

I’ll post a pic of some of the fish i catch when I go fishing. I fish quite frequently.

grat’s on the catch, even though it is kinda small.

I never fish we went to a golf course pond in PE

If you didn’t eat the fish, then it’s worthless.
I’ve eaten fish that I’ve caught. Tasted like crap, because it came from a dirty lake.
:spin: Kingofallpie

you cant really eat that fish I don’t think. And grats on your first fish then.

LOL all lakes in cincinatti are dirty eh king?

No affence but that fish sucks.
I cougnt a 4 foot Smoothhound Shark before in the Ocean!!!

Share i tbed irl :smiley:

You have a hang over and your catching fish, wise desicion…


i was about to say that…nice way to cure a hangover

Fish smell bad -.-


Kind of, I tried to lemon-cook it, but all it did was make it taste like burnt lemonade.
Oh well.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Nice blue gill/sun fish (people call it either). If you want to see a real fish, I’ll post it in a few min.

Here we go.

3 feet long
2 feet around the stomach
28+ pounds (the scale only went to 28 and his lip ripped cause he couldnt hold its own weight on the scale)
Caught in Lake Erie.

I’m on the left, right is my dad.

HOLY **** SOU! Thats HUGE!

Nice fish buddy?

Share I snared.

i rarely fish

and i kissed my first fish i caught =p

aww its a wittle cutie fish…