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PM W13 al you wish. I am a King-rank at Runescape Community. Have you been to Zybez.com lately? We have had a layout up for about a month+ now.

Just so you know… the guides were posted on RSC first before being moved into the Zybez.com area.
All authors know that when they submit guides to RSC, they automatically become property of RSC. They know that. Therefore, you have our property on your site. You can even check our notice: http://www.zybez.com/quests.php

I am a trusted member of the community, and if you don’t know who I am, then too bad. I am stating my purpose, belief and opinion on this forum about you theives that are unwilling to concede that the guides are WORD FOR WORD.

Now, tell me that much? Don’t speak before knowing the facts. Are you so ignorant that you don’t KNOW this… or just plain stupid. We were willing to reason with things and ask you if you can just put a link back up to us. But you being relentless… will force us to take other legal actions if needed. We had to get confrontational, because if you are unwilling to compromise then we needed to be heard in one way or another.

And I can give a rats ass to what you tell W13. He has full trust in me and my actions. He knows that it’s only in the best interest of the community and the livelyhood of Zybez.com and its belonging helpsites and forums.


Edit: Duke, you are nothing but petty. The guides are forfeitted property of RSC and Zybez. The authors know that. So… we are telling you to take them ALL down NOW.

Sense you wish to continue this…

Yes, that does prove rather disconcerning, but I would have never noticed a small smilie when I so very briefly skim over the guides sent into RSR. You have indeed proven that whoever wrote this guide did indeed use your site, but all he did was borrow a smilie, or the darker thought is he copied me.

For the time, until the author contacts me, that guide will be temporarily disabled.

I find it hard how you can believe that we as the third largest RS site may have come by our position as cheating.

I will let this post stand, but not one more. My final reponse is to have authors contact me. Please do not make me take further actions to stop this rather annoying behavior of yours, in which I have responded repeatdly the same, exact answer “Let the authors themselves contact me”.

Duke dont do this!!!
Ure letting rsr down dont be dum.
U can get prosecuted for this, not that id mind lol.

The AUTHOR posted it on rsr and we did not COPY rsc the author just posted it on both sites and who’s to say that he posted it on your site before ours, so stop coplaining about this, there has been aleast 3 of u guys today, why do you care about OUR giudes?
And by the way Duke, my thoughts is that you just start banning these people indefinatly so they can stop annoying RSR and they can get on with their lives if they have any.

Well you have proven whoever did that guide did copy it but look at your old topic two new members both joined today… look at this topic another new member just joined today and it seems that they are all siding with you. Hmm… now isn’t that odd what if those new members are you also just you trying to prove your theory right. I do not know but that could be the case with you…