i didn't say all i have yet


phoenix gave you the money before i even get in #bk
therefore, you knew that you were hacked before i even get in #bk
therefore, you knew that you were hacked or not before i ask you
therefore you either lied in #bk, or in pm. and that’s all i need

and i go with that you didn’t even got hacked(lied in pm), cause u take the money from wayn0 before you told pheniox you were hacked

too make it more simple
u say that i asked you before phoenix gave you the money, right?

and phoeinx told me that you were hacked after i asked him why you gave him the money, so phoenix gave you the money before you even log into irc

more proof

why did you ask skate for money, and you didn’t tell him that you were hacked

i don’t care what is the results, i am just giving my 2 cents, and phoenix is a noob who won’t fight for his money anyway so why should i? he derseve to get scammed

Thanks, I appreciate it.

here is what happened

phoenix: i gave ded money
phoenix:cause he got hacked
knight: i doupt he did
10 min later
knight:ded in #bk, should i ask him if he got hacked?
phoenix: yes
i ask him
knight:he said no
comp froze, and i log out
knight: he just pmed saying that he got hacked when i say u are the one who told me

its very clear that he knew whether he got hacked or not when i ask him, and u do nothing about it

you asked ded to explain and he did, now u say its bs, what more do you want

tell me if im wrong but didnt the scammer ask phoniex for muney…not ded

maybe you should actually read

i want nothing, i just want to lay the truth to everybody, and phoenix that pm happened, right?
zerger, u talking to me?

maybe u should READ what ded said, not just say its bs

Yes… It happened.

i read it noob, may be you the one who should read it

if ded where scamming y would he work to make the cash back for the people who gave money?

o and i read it, and the questions you ask are answered there. maybe you should shut up, actually read it, and not say its bs so u can be an ass

Maybe you should ask ded for a bank pic :wink:

rofl, i am working to give everybody 1 m gp, talking is easy, i saw no prove

more rofl, i didn’t ask questions i lied out facts which are again
1- phoenix told me ded got hacked
2- AFTER that i asked ded if he was hacked
3- ded say no
4- i asked ded again he say yes

nothing simpler than that

Never works out well, its easy to fake that.

Ok then ask him for a video of his bank.

this will happen, ded will take a pic of his bank, post it, and then noobyknight will say its fake

GhostPike said it three times to take a video bank pic :wink:

Then we send knight to see his stuff in game.

o rly? how i am gonna do that(unless he gave me the passwod), he can put 28 cabbages and show it to me, and i just got hacked want a pic?

and i need a video, in .wmv form, i don’t trust anything but that

Well we get him to make a video of his bank, take pics of his bank ,and he shows us in game what he had in the pic he posted.