i died and it sux

i lost a mith helm holy symbol neckalas 60 fishing bait a fishing rod and my blurite sword damit :cry:

also a fishing rod and a mith pic axe


Iā€™m sorry that you lost all of those things but you might want to watch the triple postsā€¦ Mods seem to get upset on that kind of thingā€¦ Not trying to be a mod or meanā€¦ Iā€™m just trying to keep you from getting flamed on thisā€¦ The mods are kinda upset at the moment after the whole RSR incidentā€¦

Your loss could have been a lot worse. Although Iā€™m sure that hit you pretty hard, you could have lost a lot more. Good thing you werent carrying that much

Thats like worth nothing you donā€™t know how it feels to lose rune in wildy. :frowning:

try losing fricken 4 mil cash in the wildy! I accidentially brought my money into the wildernessā€¦ dont ask. lol.

Try making money.

Ill give you an adament helmet tomorrow after school =p

Add me

rs name: Abeginner4u

i lost a robin hood, ring of wealth, a few rune chains and full black draghide and u dont c me complaining about it, wat u lost is relatively cheap and can b gotten back in less than 1 hour

What RSR incident? I never heard about this.

what was the rsr incident i never heard bout it either

:arrow: I went to wildy, had a cross on my head and then my dad called me. SO i lost rune b axe,rune legs and rune chain. I had also lost full addy since i killed some1 and i had 25k!!! Anotehr time i lost rune b axe again!!!

Yes it may be back for 1 hour unless your a new player and still wondering.