I died

I walked in the wildy lvl 7 and there are 2people fighting. I take a look and someone come past in lvl 37 and I tried to kill him and then someone else helped him in lvl 46 and that other runed away and I had no food, prayer points are up and energy was 0%. So I tried getting away and figthing a little back and I comed in wildy lvl 3 and he hits a 8. When i was figthing with him he only hits 4’s. And than that other guy comes bank and kill me and I lost my rune scimmy and full addy :cry: and my money is now up because I buyt that rune scimmy with all money (it was 30k) So now I have nothing only some useless on the bank can someone help me plz with getting me some stuff

wat lvl r u?

When will people learn that begging shows just how low you can go. comon, u went in there at ur own risk and u knew what would happen if u died. Its life!

would someone plz just take a 357 magnum and shoot runelord a few times in the head?? hes just sayin he died and ill make him some armor and stuff

He’s asking for Rune and Addy items that’s begging so we all hate beggers hahahahahahaha in your noncomprehensive face!

yes we all do hate beggers so ***** u killer :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have an extra * lol. :wink:

i did i said *crew u kill

Oh i thought you said f u killer lol my bad.

Im not begging for addy and rune stuff i said i lost them

im in lvl 44 than other wasent 37 but 41

Nvm for the stuff i just will make me some iron stuff

You’re saying you want your stuff back, and you said you lost addy and rune items. That’s asking for addy and rune items!!!

thats rite read

Even if your begging for bronze armor, that is against the forum rules. However, I do sympathize with your story.

ya man come on you just don’t ask for free stuff

aww man poor you (im not trying to be sarcastic if i sound like i am)

Poor guy,loz

Ya, sorry to hear that.

Oh my god, you died. Wow. You lost your stuff. It doesn’t matter.

hey killer wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am cryin to my mummy who cares u lost ur addy pl8 and other stuff mayb think about wut u want to bring :wink: in to the wildy

i am sorry brandon died i hope u have fun timez in heaven

I eat beggars lol. Better luck next time lol.