I feel proud

well i hit my first 20 and that has been my goal since i saw someone hit a 20

this sounds noobish for my lvl which is 75
but i have never really concentrated on str but only my atack and defence
i feel good

your not the only one thats noobish
i can hit 11s at lvl 61 :?

I wouldn’t say that’s noobish. I can only do 6’s.

Good job! May you hit many more.

Good Job! I’m lvl 84 and I hit 26… Are you a member?

Lol i’m lvl 56 and i can do 11s, is that ok for my lvl?

Congratulations, I remember when I hit my first 20…because it was like, 2 weeks ago. Haven’t gained a combat level since. :wink:

well done m8 :slight_smile: it has been my goal to naturally hit 20 with a drag long…not just like a one off and no special…i have pretty much only just achieved that lol :frowning:

LOL, well, way to go.