i got a clue scroll (from an odd enemy)

I got a clue scroll, but that is very odd and I got it from a ROCK crab :eek:. I checked the databases in different Runescape sites but they didn’t list rock crabs as one of the monsters that drop clue scrolls.

Now the main problem. I don’t know the clue scroll lvl (lvl. 1 is easy, lvl. 2 is medium, and lvl. 3 is hard).

I’d say lvl 2

lvl 1 i got like 3 from em

Rock crabs? Lv.1 for sure.

Yeah. Level 1, or very very possibly 2.

I reckon 2, But i don’t know about those things.I quit runescape quite a while ago…
Mind you i have loads of inteligence of it.

I finished the treasure trials and got my worst reward:

Jeez, I wanted wizard’s boots (because they would look good with the blue wizard’s robe and hat).

Well better luck next time (for me).

Lol, nvm.Like you said better luck next time! :0

What did you get?

wow that one is ****… i got a sara page from a clue (lvl1) that was from a rock crab O_o

yeh btw it was a lvl1 look here for details www.tip.it/runescape go on bestairy and type in the monster u wanna know about

yea i think they drop lvl 2 clue scrolls i got one from a rock crab and got addy kite (g) and zammy page 4 which i sold for 200k,btw i wear my addy kite (g) hehe =P

its lvl 1…i know for sure

Ummm… he got a studded armor and a willow short-bow… I’d have to say that’s a level one.

definately lvl 1. i got a studded body, a coif, 40 mind runes and firelighters off a lvl 1 scroll

lvl 1. got 2 from them myself

deamn that one sucks

level 1 tough break on the clue scroll but at least u got 1 iv been killing hell hounds for like 2 days and havent got one lol

Um…Look at the first post date…August 2005 guys… This is going to get locked soon… Anyway, that clue sucks