i got a maze.....finaly

yup…finaly got one while training at black demons for 2 hrs straight 0.0

what did u get out of it?

i got 7 mith ores and 3k steel arrows

nice job…did u get alot of old men or somthing…because thats alot of gems and spinach rolls lol

yes…millions upon millions of old guyz

Ijust got one, i got 128 nats and 7 mith ores


u got 3k steel arrows outta 31%…

i got some big word outta 60 %

life’s so cruel isn’t it?

cool. i like mazes but mimes r alot better

Haha well that’s life for ya. And congratulations on getting your first maze… Still haven’t gotten one :frowning:

i think some places give u mimes and some places get u mazes

Congrats, lol I only had one and I finished it with 40% left

well…i had no idea ware i was going…i just had another one couple hours ago and i got 76 percent cuz i knew ware to go

Once you get 2 mazes, you know where to go. Mazes give pretty good rewards too.

Congratz on your first maze, its entirley on luck and depends what you are duin too…
You are dam lucky to get 3k steel arrows out of just 30% as y2k100000 said…