I got a problem...

When I take a screenshot and go to print review it doesn’t show the runescape thing just the outside of it.

wrong forums i wish i could move it since its in wrong spot

i can’t see

master attacker i do not understand what you are saying, can you please say that with more detail so i can understand and perhaps help please?

Ok when I play runescape and take a screenshot the picture apears grey the only part that shows on the screenshot is the advertisment on top.

are you sure that you are pressing “Prt Scr Sys Rq” botton, u cant take a pic from the window

I’m pressing print screen SysRq then I go to print review and it only shows the advertisment on the screenshot.

no, go to pain then press edit then paste


are u pressing any buttons other then prnt scrn

Nope just print screen… :?