i got bored and saw this so ...


some1 made this granite armour so i made some here it is

its ok 4/10 not that special

i was playing on rscape and we where killing the kbd so i gt bored loged out made this plz rate out of 10

lol it looks funny 10/10
not the best, but makes me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:
sickmate 8)

lol, that is kinda out of place… but good try :wink:

I think it’s bad, sry

its average…7\10…

it doesnt work for me…can someone post it witout a link?

6/10… :slight_smile:
Here you go chaos m8 , wont allow me to post an image…

im srry, but i havta give it a 2/10, it didnt fit in at all…

ohh thnx mouthgate
Ohh…it wasnt what i was expecting. i thought it was gonna be a real RS player in granite armor not a buddy…ahh well 4/10. really outta place lol.

8\10 for the cool dragon :smiley:

yeah i posted kbd pic and well i don t have any granite stuff so i thought i might be funny a buddy on runescape

not that good but it looks quite funny :slight_smile:


ty any more

it looks dumb 3/10

nothing great 2/10

Its ok, 7/10

Nothing great, 5/10

mm ok i think it is 4/10 and i made it so come on keep low rates