I got hacked

I got hacked a few weeks ago, that’s why I haven’t been playing. My friend is helping me, and I am doing great. I still need a job, though. I now know why I got hacked, it’s because I opened an email saying it was from Jagex, and it installed a Trojan Keylogger. I changed my pass, and hope it doesn’t hapopen again. Anyone got a job for me?

Remember that Jagex will NEVER send you an email unless it is for RS membership payment. Sorry but I dont have a job :frowning:

well what r ur stats? i mite have a job 4 ya

I’ll pay your 40k for 200 lobs, or 5k and a rune scimmy. Interested?

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

michael, I’ll do it. I’d rather have the scimmy, cause I lost that too…and I’ll get one of those stat thingies right now. I need one anyway.

OMG…DO U GUYS honestly realize how many ppl have gotten hacked in just the past month!?

not at all…too much hackers, ban them all, ban them!!!