i got scammed

i got scammed i lost 2 sets of full rune 4 ruen skimys full black trim and 1 mill i no im a noob :frowning: im not asking you to give me anything but i am asking you to help me get me money back by buying things from me heres what i sell

1 willows 20 each
2 yews i can cut them very soon
3 sivler ore 250 each
4 iron ore 60 each
5 coal 125 each
6 gold 250 each
if you would like to donate to me that would be great too :lol: but im not asking you yo may do that from your own free will. But if u give me full rune with skimmy i will get kill ganits and sell u the big obnes a 150 each

howd u get scammed?

howd u get scammed?

ill buy 10k coal and 5k iron, or as much as u can get

did he go into your account or trick you?

I’m sorry you got scammed… I hope you do earn your money back but like everyone is asking… How did you get scammed? I’m just curious seeing as you aren’t new to the game having two sets of full rune and would probably know about the scams going on RS right now…

Well that sucks… if someone scammed you by “scam trading” or whatever you call it, then your the stupid one, lol :lol:

well i got scammed because a guy hacked into my accoutn an tooked my stuff but lucky he didnt chance the pass probly because my accounts skill arent so good :oops: so after i found out i got hacked i quickly as i could change my pass :slight_smile:

man, that really sucks. sorry i can’t buy anything

I’m really sorry dude, I could use 5k willows :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

ouch… srry to hearr you got hacked…