- I HadeZ I - Nice Lil ScreenY!

Hi! I was training up my pkers mage when I found a nice angle to take a
screenshot from

Enjoy -

Thats pretty tight…it looks really cool

Yeah doesnt it?

wonder what fire wave would look like there…

Yeah, When I can do it… I promise il take a screeny on that aswell :smiley:

What happened to that thread where you posted every magic level you had?

Looks pretty nice, you should get a sig made like that…:slight_smile:

EDIT: 2,100 Posts :slight_smile:

thats pretty dam tight

sweet angle… almost looks real :wink:

that’s ill it’s soo kool to find an angle like that. I just can’t do GFX :frowning:

omg nice angle !

its good, nice for ur siggy

Sweet, that is also a safe spot from scorpions…well, I think it is.

Nice that looks pretty cool/

wow that is nice

Owned the skelly, K?

thats so ocoool!!! :smiley:

Thx :slight_smile: Well ya its a safe place for scorpions, Even tho they wont attack me if I stand right in the middle of the whole shabbang

thats a nice shot

yer, Gonna search for anotherone while doing fire wave, When I can do the spell that will be :slight_smile: